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We are an investigation,

negotiation, intelligence 

legal support agency.

We assist our clients to be successful in litigation and make better decisions informed by the very best and most up-to-date information available. We deliver certainty to your situation and resolve speculation. We also help you ensure that your proprietary information is as secure as possible and reduce threats of information loss or leakage.

  • Our services are strictly confidential
  • Our information security is of the highest possible standard
  • Our skilled operatives deliver dependable results on time


Our team of highly-trained professionals utilise cutting edge covert technologies combined with advanced investigative skills and quality systems to produce unparalleled results. We are generally engaged by large multi-national organisations, government agencies and high worth individuals.


The success of our services is a result of the experience and training of our investigators, enhanced by state-of-the art and specifically selected equipment to ensure that the most challenging intelligence can be delivered in a time and cost-effective way.


To get the best deal – or, sometimes, any deal at all – negotiators need to think like investigators, digging for information about why the other side wants what it does. We gather up-to-date in-depth information so our clients can make better decisions. 

Legal Support

Identify and discover linchpin evidence and/or leverage that has the potential to fundamentally change the outcome of pre-trial mediations or at  trial. Improving your odds at trial is not something that “in the box” legal thinking will usually deliver. You need creative and lateral ideas to completely change your prospects. Find out how we can help you win.



We support complex litigation, corporate decision making, research & development efforts and government investigations. Our services include:

  • Covert surveillance
  • Intelligence & counter-intelligence
  • Negotiation
  • Mergers and acquisitions support
  • Computer & accounting forensics
  • Database searching
  • Locating persons in hiding, witnesses & high value assets

We are Australian based, however many of our campaigns are global in nature and so we deploy whatever field resources are required to deliver the campaign outcome. We often partner with respected investigation firms that we’ve worked with before to maximise our coverage, particularly during COVID-19.

About us


HKH Partners was founded in 2020 by three Australian investigators.

The partners are supported by a team of associates as well as respected investigators at reciprocal firms all over the world.


HKH Partners takes its professional obligations very seriously including:

  • Maintaining the highest level of confidentiality, information and operational security
  • “Doing no harm”, treating others with courtesy, respect and dignity
  • Complying with relevant laws and regulations
  • Using only legal and ethical means to obtain information
  • Respecting due process, procedural fairness and natural justice

Each operative at HKH Partners undertakes significant education and field training to ensure they understand and comply with changing laws and community expectations.

Complaints or concerns in respect of the conduct of our operatives should be directed to our contact centre.


Our Latest Work

HKH Partners was retained to investigate board-level confidentiality breaches to a media outlet which was part of a suspected upcoming shareholder activist campaign. Our carefully planned operation resulted in the shortlist of suspects each being given traceable and unique information so the leak could be identified via back-tracing. The suspect was then directly approached and admitted to his involvement in the confidentiality breaches, and was removed from the board.

In a recent assignment, HKH Partners needed to ensure that a client’s spouse was able to get to and from their children’s school safely and discreetly during a period of heightened media attention and public scrutiny. We worked with the client and their chauffeur to develop alternative transit routes as well as providing training on counter-surveillance and defensive driving techniques.

In support of a recent sensitive M&A transaction, HKH Partners assisted the buyer discreetly surveil the key management personnel of the target company to determine if they had any undisclosed anti-social conduct and/or potentially risky behaviours such as drug or gambling addiction that might affect the buyer’s brand or create risk as part of a pre-completion due diligence checklist.

A logistics CEO retained HKH Partners resulting from accounting reports that contained discrepancies. The client suspected a connection between the financial discrepancies and accounts payable staff. After installing surveillance equipment and conducting further internal investigations, HKH Partners revealed that a financial control manager of 8 years had skimmed money from the client’s business to fund a side business he was starting. This evidence empowered the client to stop the unlawful skimming and seek legal remedy – $105,000 has since been recovered.




Operate with the best information


Win cases


Gain leverage


Secure your position


Protect your interests